Danish phonology reading group

Autumn 2021

Meeting time: Meeting time: once a month on Wednesday 9.00-10.00/ Tuesday 10.00-11.00

Meeting place: The Phon Phun zoom room (https://aarhusuniversity.zoom.us/j/62774447585)

DateTopic and readings
22. Septembera-sounds
Gregersen, F., Maegaard, M., & Pharao, N. 2009. ”The long and short of (æ)-variation in Danish – a panel study of short (æ)-variants in Danish in real time”. Acta Linguistica Hafniensia 41, 64-82. The long and short of (æ)-variation in Danish – a panel study of short (æ)-variants in Danish in real time – Ansatte (ku.dk)
Nicolai Pharao, Kirsten Lundholm Appel, Vanessa Wolter and Jacob Thøgersen. 2015. RAISING OF /A/ IN COPENHAGEN DANISH – PERCEPTUAL CONSEQUENCES ACROSS TWO GENERATIONS. ICPhS proceedings [PDF] Raising of /a/ in Copenhagen Danish – Perceptual consequences across two generations | Semantic Scholar
13. OctoberThe –te ending
Jan Heegård. 2013. “Morphologisation or reduction by context? The –te ending on adjectives and preterite verb forms in Standard Copenhagen Danish”. Acta Linguistica Hafniensia 45:1, 100-125, https://doi.org/10.1080/03740463.2013.849901
3. NovemberPlosive reduction
Nicolai Pharao. 2011. “Plosive reduction at the group level and in 
The individual speaker”. ICPhS proceedings [PDF] Plosive Reduction at the Group Level and in the Individual Speaker | Semantic Scholar 
Nicolai Pharao. 2017. “Reduction of plosives by individual speakers in interaction”. In Dorthe Duncker, Bettina Perregaard (Eds.) Creativity and continuity: Perspective on the dynamics of language conventionalisation. Copenhagen: U Press. pp. 235-258.
30. NovemberVowels
Holger Juul, Nicolai Pharao, Jacob Thøgersen. 2016. ”Moderne danske vokaler”. Danske talesprog 16, 35-72.