Danish phonology reading group

Spring 2021

Meeting time: Every 2nd Tuesday 13.00-14.00

Meeting place: The Phon Phun zoom room (https://aarhusuniversity.zoom.us/j/62774447585)

NB! Camilla has copies of the chapters and pdfs below. Contact her to be sent a copy!

DateTopic and readings
16 FebruaryPlanning meeting
2 MarchBasbøll’s Sonority Syllable Model
Basbøll, Hans. 2018. Danish imperative formation: a problem for the phonology/morphology interface. Scandinavian Philology 16 (2): 219-244.
16 MarchBasbøll’s word structure model
Basbøll, Hans. 2014. Danish stød as evidence for grammaticalisation of suffixalpositions in word structure. Acta Linguistica Hafniensia: International Journal of Linguistics 46 (2): 137-158. Basbøll_StødGram_ALH_46 (sdu.dk)

Basbøll, Hans & Laila Kjærbæk 2020. Derivational Morphology in Danish– a general model of word structure and its relation to prosody. 19th International Morphology Meeting, Universität Wien, Wien, Østrig, 6-. 8. feb. 2020. Poster_IMM_20200129 (sdu.dk)
30 March Moraicity
Vazquez-Larruscaín, Miguel. In print. Complementary Length in Danish. Why not? Nordlyd. 

Further reading: Vazquez-Larruscaín, Miguel. 2011. Specification of Length in Danish: Contrast, Distribution, and Alternations.
13 AprilStød in Danish dialects
Ejskjær, Inger. 1990. Stød and pitch accents in the Danish dialects. Acta Linguistica Hafniensia 22(1), 49–75. 
27 AprilMore stød in Danish dialects
Molbæk Hansen, Peter. 1978. Stød and syllabicity in a Jutlandic dialect.  Annual report of the Institute of Phonetics, University of Copenhagen 1978: 15-24. 

Kyst 2007. Toner i århusiansk regiolekt. Foredrag på 8. Nordiske Dialektologikonference. Århus 15.-18. august 2006. Torben Arboe (red.) Århus: Peter Skautrup Centret for Jysk Dialektforkning, Aarhus Universitet. 2007. (starts on page 238 in the pdf) https://auinstallation29.cs.au.dk/fileadmin/www.jysk.au.dk/publikationer/centrets_publikationer/dialektologi.pdf
11 MayVintage Eli Fischer-Jørgensen stuff
Fischer-Jørgensen, Eli. 1972. Kinesthetic judgement of effort in the production of stop consonants. Annual Report of the Institute of Phonetics, University of Copenhagen 6, 59–73.
25 MayMore vintage Eli Fischer-Jørgensen stuff
Fischer-Jørgensen, Eli. 1972. Tape cutting experiments with Danish stop consonants in initial position. Annual Report of the Institute of Phonetics, University of Copenhagen 6, 104–168. 
8 JunePhonological perspectives on Danish vowels
Grønnum, Nina. 1995. Danish vowels – surface contrast versus underlying form. Phonetica 52: 215-220. 

Durand, Jacques. 2003. The vowel system of Danish and phonological theory. In Henrik Galberg Jacobsen, Dorthe Bleses, Thomas O. Madsen & Pia Thomsen (eds.), Take Danish – for instance. Linguistics studies in honour of Hans Basbøll, 41–57. Odense: University Press of Southern Denmark. 
22 JuneBrotherton, Chloe & Aleese Block. 2020. Soft d in Danish: Acoustic characteristics and issues in transcription. Proceedings of the Linguistics Society of America 5(1). 792–797. Soft d in Danish: Acoustic characteristics and issues in transcription | Brotherton | Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America