Lab equipment

The SLS research group is generally relying on the English Department’s sound laboratory, which has been used primarily for research in second language acquisition. However, Míša Hejná has recently obtained a grant which includes funding for new lab equipment. Our lab equipment therefore now includes:

  • Sound-proof recording studio
  • Micro Speech Research Ultrasound
  • Electroglottography (EGG) equipment​
  • Electropalatography (EPG) equipment
  • Complete Aerodynamic Systems (including oral and nasal airflow machines)
  • Screening Audiometer (see also this page for an internet-based screening tool)
  • E-prime software

In addition to this, we have various pieces of equipment which measures a person’s bio-markers, thanks to Míša’s “Ageing in LVC” project. This includes equipment to measure grip strength, strength of pulmonic exhaling, manual nimbleness and reaction time, blood pressure, height and weight.