Phonological theory reading group

Autumn 2021

Meeting time: once a month on Wednesday 9.00-10.00/ Tuesday 10.00-11.00

Meeting place: The Phon Phun zoom room (

DateTopic and readings
29. SeptemberMorris Halle. 1959. The sound pattern of Russian (pp. 19–24)
Hutchinson, Larry. 1972. “Mr. Chomsky on the phoneme”. Linguistic Research 9, 111-164. (the parts that addresses biuniqueness)
20. OctoberPaul’s unpublished paper entitled “Phonological features emerge substance-freely from the phonetics and the morphology”
16. November Talk by Stig Eliasson on his cognitive calculus models
Stig Eliasson. 1997. “The cognitive calculus and its function in language”. In: Jadranka Gvoz­danoviç (ed.), Language change and functional explanations, 53–70. (Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs, 98.) Berlin & New York: Mouton de Gruyter.

Stig Eliasson. 1992. “Cognition in phonological change”. In: Günter Kellermann & Michael D. Morrissey (eds.), Diachrony within Synchrony: Language History and Cognition. Proceedings from the International Symposium at the University of Duisburg, 26–28 March 1990 (Duisburger Arbeiten zur Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft 14.), 283–308. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. 

Stig Eliasson & Dorota Tubielewicz Mattsson. 1993. “Cognitive processing of phono­logical ambiguity in second-language learning”. International Journal of Psycholinguistics 1 (2), 159–175.
14. December Ricardo Bermúdez-Oteros. 2016 “We do not need structuralist morphemes, but we do need constituent structure”. In Daniel Siddiqi & Heidi Harley (eds), 2016, Morphological metatheory (Linguistics Today 229), 387-430. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. We do not need structuralist morphemes, but we do need constituent structure – lingbuzz/002774 (