The SLS group meets every to every second week in term for approximately an hour (or as long as it takes us to finish our discussions and polish off the (nowadays primarily virtual) cake). 

The first part of the spring semester of 2022 was once again fully online! However, from our 31 March slot onwards, we go back to meeting at AU. However, the Phon Zoom is open to ensure everyone can attend. Our time slot will be Thursdays 11:15-12 on alternate weeks.

Our permanent Zoom room is here:

10 February, 11:15-12: Organisation meeting. Bring all your good ideas for things to do this semester. It’s online (see Zoom link above) and it’s BYOC (bring your own cake).

17 February: Guest talk. Radek Skarnitzl: “Phonetic variation of Irish English /t/ in the syllabic coda”. Note that the study has been published – check it out here!

24 February: Feedback session. Míša and Pavel Šturm will be inundated with feedback on the experimental design of a project on vocal attractiveness.

3 March: Talk. Speaker: Laura. Title: “Production of Japanese geminates by Danish L1-speakers”.

10 March: Talks. Signe and Malene present their respective BA research.

17 March: Publishing session. Birgitte leads a discussion on open science, and Ocke leads a reading group on responding to journal reviewers at JPhon.

24 March: Practicalities. Short meeting to plan a research retreat plus evaluate the online format.

31 March: Conference practice. New Sounds practice for those attending (and those curious).

7 April: Potentially two talks.

14 April and 21 April – no meetings.

28 April: Talk. Freja presents her BA project.

5 May: Talk. Birgitte presents her PhD research.

12 May: Project presentation. Zac and Míša present an intriguing Dungeons and Dragons project…

AND! There’s more! Here’s some cool events over at our sister group, the Voice Group:

2 June, 14:15-15:00Jeanette Landgrebe“Crying is the name of the game: the emergence of crying in a video-mediated recovery meeting” (aka “Let’s cry online together”)
17 May, 14:15-15:00Sara Dybris McQuaid“Amplifying Voices for Peace: The politics of Storytelling in Post-agreement Northern Ireland”
26 April, 14:15-15:00?Richard Rhodes“The impacts of vocal aging on forensic speech analysis”