The SLS group meets every to every second week in term for approximately an hour (or as long as it takes us to finish our discussions and polish off the cake). 

This term we will be discontinuing our pseudo-hybrid format on the Phon Zoom. Our time slot is TBD but will occur (almost) every week in Nobelparken 1481-Room TBD.

Our permanent Zoom room is here: This will only be used for special occasions.

Previous Talks:

15 September, 13:15-14:00: Organisation meeting. Bring all your good ideas for things to do this semester. It’s in person and online (see Zoom link above) and it’s BYOC (bring your own cake).

22 September: Article Discussion. We will be discussing an article on phonetics and phonology. This will be mailed out to everyone on the Phon-Phon mailing list.

29 September: Mock Talk MUDS. Speaker: Ocke.

06 October: Mock Talk MUDS. Speakers: Sidsel & Yonathan. (After the meeting there will be a Guest Speaker, Charles Riess from Concordia University in Montreal – Details to be announced closer to the date.)

13 October & 20 October no meetings.

27 October: Mid-Term Meet-up. Short meeting to plan the empty slots remaining in the schedule and discuss whatever needs discussing.

03 November: No (regular) Meeting. Though from 14:15-15:00, guest speaker Lauren Hall-Lew from the University of Edinburgh will give a talk titled “Beyond attitudes and prestige: Why changes-from-below have social meaning”. The talk will be presented via our Zoom.

10 November: Mock Talk(s) PPDK. PPDK practice for those attending (and those curious). Ocke, Birgitte, and Sidsel. (Potentially others.)

17 November: No Meeting – PPDK in Copenhagen.

24 November: TBD

01 December: Workshop – Part 1. Zac. Fundamentals of Transcription with ELAN. ELAN can be downloaded here. Materials for the workshop will be e-mailed out close to the workshop date.

08 December: Workshop – Part 2. Zac. Introduction to automatic forced alignment and MFA (the Montreal Forced Aligner). If attending please ensure you have both Python and Miniconda (or Anaconda) already installed. We will install MFA as part of the workshop. Materials used for the workshop are those prepared in Part 1.

15 December: Phonetics for Phun! A light hearted meeting where we will all bring something to the table (taking approximately 2-3 minutes) of something you find super fun (or funny) in phonetics. During the session we will be presenting things we like in linguistics that are just fun and ‘sexy’. Get creative! It’s gonna be fun!

AND! There’s more! There’s some cool events over at our sister group, the Voice Group. Be in touch with Zac or Míša to find out more!