The SLS group meets every to every second week in term for approximately an hour (or as long as it takes us to finish our discussions and polish off the cake). Our usual meeting place and time this semester is Wednesdays at 15:15. Meeting are in building 1481 but the room varies from week to week. The room number is indicated in the schedule below.

Autumn 2019 schedule:

18/09 – Organisation meeting (526)

02/10 (15:30-16:15) Talk: Martin S. gives a voice acting session. Catharine brings cake. (324)

23/10 – Reading group:  we’re reading the paper “Accents of guilt” by John Dixon and colleagues. Martin brings cake. (526)

29/10 (Tuesday at 14:15)  Talk: Ocke gives a talk about some very preliminary results on Danish accented English. Míša will maybe give a talk on something with Czech and something else. Yonatan brings cake. (Room to be announced).

06/11 (15:30-16:15) Talk: Yonatan gives a talk on Vestjysk stød. Chris brings cake. (324)

13/11 Reading group: we’re reading the paper “Japanese has syllables: a reply to Labrune” by Shigeto Kawahara. A bringer of cake is yet to be found. (324)

20/11 Talk:  Camilla Horslund gives a talk titled “VOT in loanwords in Finnish – evidence for prevoicing of initial /b, d, g/”. Mette brings cake. (526)

27/11 Talk: Frederik  gives a talk on affrication in Welsh English. Cake is brought by Søren. (324)

04/12 Talk: Chris gives a talk under the title “Inside the Infant Mind: the Mutual Interaction between Infants’ Inferential Capacities and Exploratory Behaviour during Language Development”. Cake is possibly brought by Frederik. (526)

09/12 Talk: Rasmus Puggaard gives a talk titled “Variation i udtalen af jyske klusiler: En korpusundersøgelse”. The talk is given at the Peter Skautrup Centre (building 1910 in the basement, Trøjborgvej 88) at 13:00. It includes some really cool GAMM-maps!

11/12 Reading group: we’re reading the paper “Japanese has syllables: a reply to Labrune” by Shigeto Kawahara. Yonatan might be the bringer of cake. (626)