The SLS group meets every to every second week in term for approximately an hour (or as long as it takes us to finish our discussions and polish off the cake). 

IMPORTANT: During corona-lockdown we will meet in on this online meeting room.


Summer 2020:

We’re outside of our normal meeting period, so no activities until autumn. 

Remember to submit an abstract for PPDK!


Spring 2020 schedule:

13/2  Organisation meeting, Míša brings cake

19/2 (12:15-13:00 in 1485-316) –Talk: Yonatan gives a talk titled “Syllable structure does not predict stød”.  No cake

5/3 – Talk: Matias gives a talk “Prestige and prejudice: a study of Danes’ evaluations of selected accents of English” Martin brings cake

26/3 – Reading group:  Firth, J.R. 1948. “Sounds and prosodiesYonatan brings cake & Cohn, A.C. 2003. “Phonological structure and phonetic duration: the role of the mora.” Søren brings cake

2/4 – Reading group: Esling, John. 2005. “There are no back vowels: the Laryngeal Articulator Model.” 

16/4 – Reading group: Labov, William. 1972. “The social motivation of a sound change.” 

23/4 – Talk: Anna, Míša & Pavel Šturm give a talk titled “The rise and fall of Danish dialects: a preliminary look at f0 variation in Jutland Danish statements” 

30/4 – Talk: Míša, Krestina & Adèle Jatteau, “Multi-directionality of aspiration dissimilation: more evidence from Aberystwyth English”. Suggested readings: Jatteau & Hejná 2016, 2018

7/5 – Talk: Søren will give a mystery talk!                 

14/5 – ## no talk this week! ## 

20/5 (Wednesday 13:00-14:00 in 1481-324) Talk David Martinez gives a talk titled “The sounds of music in the brain”

28/5 – No talk!

4/6 – Talk: Yonatan gives a talk titled “Towards a natural history of stød”.

11/6 – Talk: Inger gives a talk titled “Linguistic description of guises”.