The SLS group meets every to every second week in term for approximately an hour (or as long as it takes us to finish our discussions and polish off the (now virtual) cake). 

In spring 2021, we will alternative between two timeslots: Wednesdays 1:15-2pm and Thursdays 2:15-3pm.

Important: this semester will be fully online again. The link to our permanent Zoom meeting is here:

14th January: Talk – Andrea: “The articulation of the Aarhusian stød” NB! This talk takes place at 14:15

27th January (WED, 1:15-2pm): Talk – Jonas: “Production and perception of the SBE hot-hut vowel contrast by L1 Danish learners of English before and after high variability phonetic training”.

3rd January (WED, 1:15-2pm): Organisational meeting! Bring your ideas for papers, talks and other phun things for the semester to come!