The SLS group meets every to every second week in term for approximately an hour (or as long as it takes us to finish our discussions and polish off the cake). Our usual meeting place and time this semester is Wednesdays at 11:15 in room 1481-324.

Spring 2019 schedule:

20/02: Reading group: we’re reading a paper by Scobbie and Stuart-Smith on fuzzy categories and contrasts. Mette brings cake.

27/02: Reading group: we’re reading a paper by Fruehwald titled “The early influence on phonology on a phonetic change”. Frederik brings cake.

06/03: Reading group: we’re reading a 3-page paper by Mesgarani et al. (2014) and a 15-page paper by Llompart and Reinisch (2018). Mads brings cake.

13/03: Talk: Ocke gives a mock talk for NordAc³ tentatively entitled “Processing cost in inter-Scandinavian intelligibility”. Jonas brings cake.

20/03: Talk: Míša, Kamil and Wenyu present their research “Even Americans pre-aspirate”. Anne brings cake.

27/03 Talk: Byunggon presents “Pitch trajectories in American English” (GAMM modelling anticipated!). Sidsel brings cake.

28/03 (at 3pm, in room 1481-324): SeminarAnne Fabricius (RUC) gives a talk on change in Received Pronunciation. Duration: 45 minutes + questions.

29/03 (at 10am–2pm, including 1 hr lunch break, in room 1481-324): WorkshopAnne Fabricius gives a workshop on measuring vowels &  normalisation methods.

1/4: Statistics course with the language & linguistics PhD school. Sign up here!

03/04: Stats talk: Anna gives a statistics talk on effect sizes and posthoc tests (primarily relating to ANOVAs and regression models). Søren brings cake.

10/04: Reading group: we’ll read Riad’s paper on the typology of North Germanic accent.  Anna brings cake.

24/04: Reading group: we read a paper (tba) the a phon-phon interface (Andrea and Míša to recommend and distribute). Andrea brings cake.

01/05: Talk: Andrea presents her (preliminary?) MA thesis results – “An ultrasound study of Danish [ð]”. Yonatan brings cake.

08/5: Guest talk by Nikola Eger (Munich University): “‘haspiration’: processing of German /h/ and /ʔ/ by Italian learners”.

15/05: Talk: Jonas presents preliminary thoughts and/or results from his PhD work. Ocke definitely brings cake.

22/05: Talk: Yonatan gives a mock talk of his ICLaVE presentation on Danish tonal accents. Míša will bring the (yummy, store bought) cake.

4/6: Guest talk (11:00–12:00 in 1481–626) and workshop (14:00–16:00, also in 1481–626): Danielle Turton teaches us forced alignment through DARLA – see blurbs for Danielle’s events here.

13/6: Guest Lecture (11:00–12:00 in 1481–366) by Mirjam Schmaltz (UZH) on Linguistic Attitudes in the Caribbean AND Workshop (13:00–16:00, also in 1481–366) on Attitudes towards World Englishes. AND office hours with Mirjam (10:00–11:00, in 1481–366). See blurbs for Mirjam’s events here!

14/6: Workshop (9:00–12:00 in 1481–366) by Mirjam Schmaltz on perceptual dialectology data collection and processing in dialectology (including GIS systems to create maps). See blurbs for Mirjam’s events here!