Projects & recruitment

The following projects are associated with the research group:

  • Assessing Danish student’s Chinese second language acquisition. PhD project – Sidsel Rasmussen (February 2016 – July 2019). Advisor: Ocke-Schwen Bohn.
  • Prosodic features of Danish response tokens in interaction. PhD project – Søren Sandager Sørensen (September 2016 – September? 2020). Supervisor: Jakob Steensig
  • The Melody of Jutland. PhD-project – Yonatan Goldshtein (2019–2022). Supervisor: Inger Schoonderbeek Hansen, co-supervisor: Peter Bakker.
  • Word processing in native Danish speakers. PI: Ocke-Schwen Bohn (AU). Other researchers: Anders Højen (AU), Thierry Nazzi (Université Paris Decarte), and Boris New (Université de Savoie). Research assistant: Cindy Ida Larsen (AU).
  • Ageing in Language Variation and Change (funded by an AUFF Starting Grant, 2019-2020) & Contrasting Effects of Biological, Social, and Chronological Age on Human Speech (funded by a Small Grant for Strategic Development in Research). Researchers: Míša Hejná (AU), Joel Wallenberg (Newcastle), the Newcastle Centre for Behaviour and Evolution and, as of January 2019, Anna Jespersen (AU).
  • Aspiration dissimilation. Researchers: Míša Hejná (AU) and Adèle Jatteau (Paris 8).
  • Relationships between local and global phonatory phenomena. Researcher: Míša Hejná (AU).

Previous projects include Belfast Voices – intonational innovation in Northern Ireland. Funded by a Carlsberg Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Denmark grant. Researcher: Anna Jespersen (AU).