Methods in phonetic and phonological research

Dates: 16th-17th August 2018

Venue: Building 1485, room 123 in Nobelparken, Aarhus University, Denmark

Dinner: 6pm in Navigator

ProgrammeWorkshop programme!

The research group Sounds of Language and Speech is organising a workshop connected to the equipment recently obtained by the Phonetics Lab at Aarhus University. The workshop will include sessions on EGG and EPG (given by Sam Kirkham, Lancaster University), ultrasound (Patrycja Strycharczuk, University of Manchester), E-prime (David Ricardo Quiroga Martinez, Aarhus University), and the taxonomy of perceptual experiments (Ocke-Schwen Bohn, Aarhus University). The primary aim of the workshop is to ensure that there are enough sufficiently trained staff members within Aarhus University in particular but also within other Danish universities.

The workshop is free of charge. However, for the event to be truly useful for the participants, only 20 participants can attend. Potential attendees therefore need to fill in this questionnaire – we have a few spaces available, so if you’re interested in participating, let us know!

Questions can be directed to Míša Hejná at misa.hejna|at|

Abstracts for the workshop:

Patrycja Strycharczuk: Ultrasound Tongue Imaging (UTI) has revolutionised speech research in recent years, providing a low-cost and non-invasive method of observing tongue position and tongue movement during speech. This 3h workshop will introduce the participants to acquiring, processing and analysing speech data. The first session will provide an overview of key ultrasound speech studies in recent years, focusing on different analytical approaches, and the types of research questions that UTI can help us address. In the two following sessions, we will jointly design and run a pilot study on the articulation of Danish /r/. We will end with a live demonstration on possible ways of analysing the data, using Articulate Assistant Advanced software.

David Ricardo Quiroga Martinez: In this workshop, participants will get an introduction to the state-of-the-art software for scientific experiments, E-Prime. The first part of the workshop will provide a brief summary of all the possibilities that the software has to offer. The second part will consist of a hands-on session where we will get to build a linguistic experiment from scratch. Participants are recommended to download and install a trial version of E-prime via the following link: Both Mac and Windows computers should work.  

Ocke-Schwen BohnThis workshop first provides a brief overview of why speech perception experiments are conducted, with examples from native and nonnative speech perception. The main part of the workshop consists of an overview of some of the methods used in speech perception research, including hands-on experience with speech perception experiments. Participants should bring their own standard PC (not a mac, nintendo, or tablet) on which they should have downloaded and installed the most recent version of praat (from and Alvin 3 (from Files for demonstrations of speech perception experiments and instructions for tabulating the results will be sent to participants shortly before the workshop. 

Sam Kirkham: This workshop will cover the use of EPG and EGG in speech research, primarily focusing on EPG. We will cover a general overview of EPG technology and systems, research applications of EPG, limitations of current systems, and a hands-on workshop with data analysis and visualisation. We will also briefly address practical aspects of EGG data collection and analysis​.